Environmental Policy

Wood veneer – the sustainable material

Wood veneer, our main raw material, is the only truly renewable and sustainable building material – recyclable, non-toxic and bio-degradable, and far more energy-efficient than other materials. Properly managed forests will provide a continuing supply of timber indefinitely.

Veneer also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Growing timber to produce veneer removes carbon from the atmosphere, helping to combat global warming and climate change. It is also energy-efficient to produce compared with most other building materials.

It is therefore our policy to make maximum use of responsibly-sourced wood veneer wherever available, and to encourage our suppliers and customers to do the same.

Our independently certified veneer products will help specifiers, contractors and end users to meet the requirements of their own environmental management systems, and of their clients who will increasingly demand this assurance. Using sustainable veneer sources encourages the expansion of sustainable forestry, increasing the carbon capture effect still further, through planting of new trees.


Select Veneers (UK) Ltd code licence is FSC® – C008910

Forest Stewardship Council®

FSC® is an international, independent, non-profit non-governmental organisation. FSC® runs a global forest certification system that has two key elements: CoC (Chain of Custody) and CW (Controlled Wood) certification.

This enables veneer produced from logs coming from certified forests to be tracked all the way from the forest to the end use, preventing the possibility that non-certified material might be substituted at some stage.

FSC® certifies that products originate from forests which are managed according to internationally agreed social and environmental principles and criteria.

It has the power to endorse guarantees that the forest of origin of materials has been independently inspected and evaluated as complying with internationally agreed environmental, social and economic standards.

Select Veneers (UK) Ltd code licence is FSC® – C008910

Select Veneers (UK) Ltd hold an FSC® Chain of Custody (CoC) and FSC® Controlled Wood certificate which confirms that FSC assessors have inspected our premises and verified that we have systems for demonstrating full traceability and control of certified material in our works.

In order to be eligible to carry the FSC® mark, products originating from certified sources have to be tracked from the forest through all the steps of the production process until they reach the end user. This tracking process must itself be independently certified.

The CoC certificate shows that the certified veneer is traceable through every stage of supply and production. Substitution of a non-certified material would break the chain and invalidate the certificate.

Our products are FSC® certification available on request

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