Services Overview

At Select Veneers, we appreciate that the choice of interior veneers need to fit perfectly with the architectural design and the sampling process is highly important.

All the veneers are stocked at our warehouse facility outside London for selection and viewing.

We offer wood veneer management whereby the veneer selection is controlled so that the wood veneer finish is coordinated between fire doors, internal doors, panelling, reception and lobby areas, lift areas and furniture.


Select Veneers holds unrivalled stocks of wood veneer, and has the skill and experience to pick by the bundle or log for our customers, enabling them to produce high-quality joinery products and meet demanding delivery dates.

We supply natural wood veneers, pre-dyed coloured veneers and engineered veneers to many joinery companies for firedoors, internal flush doors, doorsets, panelling, furniture and other veneered components.

At Select Veneers, we appreciate that the choice of quality wood veneers needs to fit perfectly with the architectural design, making the sampling process highly important for supplying commercial and residential projects.


We manufacture and supply custom made wood veneer sheets, also known as “layons”, to specified sizes for manufacturing companies to press onto their joinery products.

Use our layon service to control quality and cost and at the same time meet increasingly short lead times. We have built an outstanding reputation for quality and service over the last 30 years.

Our skilled staff have many years experience of selecting, preparing, cutting and jointing veneers to make high-quality layons. This includes glue edge jointing the veneers, having made significant investments in the latest technology.


Inlay layons for interior design

We manufacture layons with inlays to meet the design requirements of architects and designers.

It is the variation from leaf to leaf which gives wood veneers their special qualities. The effect relies on our expertise in selecting, cutting and matching the veneers, and our skill in using the natural variation of the material to produce the finest results.


Coloured pre-dyed and engineered veneers

We source natural wood veneers direct from veneer mills around the world, and work with all the manufacturers of pre-dyed and engineered veneers to provide our clients with bespoke quality layons to achieve the best possible finishes.

We match nearly any RAL colour in the main woods to meet the demand from architects, designers and contractors. We convert these coloured and engineered veneers into useable bespoke sizes for manufacturers to use on their products.


Select Veneers offers designers, architects, interior door manufacturers and joinery fit-out companies specialist advice.

We offer veneer management whereby the veneer selection is controlled. We coordinate the veneer selection and supply for fire doors, internal doors, panelling, reception and lobby areas, lift areas and furniture on behalf of the customer.

This ensures quality and consistency across the project. Please contact us for specialist advice and veneer choice.

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