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Our business and our aims


Established in 1973, Select Veneers is the UK’s leading supplier of wood flitch veneers. We source the most comprehensive range of veneers from around the world using sustainable resources. With a commitment to outstanding customer service, Select Veneers is the first choice for quality, range, value and delivery.

  • Our range of hardwood and softwood veneers enables the unique beauty and character of natural timber to be used economically and renewably.
  • We operate two warehouses and manufacturing facilities, each with their own skills and expertise in the sourcing, production and applications of wood veneer.
  • Our staff are the most experienced in the industry. Their expertise and advice is trusted by manufacturers, architects and specifiers of veneer products.
  • We are the UK’s largest manufacturer of veneer layons to the door, panel and furniture industries, with skills in inlay work too.
  • Unit 3 is for the layon production and Unit 12 is for the grading, storage and selection of wood veneers for sale.
  • Our investment in stock and infrastructure enables us to deliver immediately throughout the UK.
  • Our environmental policy ensures our commitment to protecting the long-term future of timber as a valuable material and resource.

Our web site has comprehensive product and technical information and well as background information on how veneers are produced and selected.

Our Aims

  • Stocks: Our investment in large quantities of stock gives us the range and quality to meet the needs of our customers for immediate availability.
  • Service: Our competitive advantage also comes from meeting our customers’ demanding delivery requirements. Many customers operate with ‘just in time’ production processes with tight time constraints and rely on Select Veneers to meet their delivery schedules continuously. Projects are also becoming increasingly complex with the need for innovation and creativity in sourcing and helping our customers choose veneers to give their own products an edge in the marketplace.
  • Quality: We have invested significantly in new technology and modern warehouse facilities. Our buyers carefully select and source veneers worldwide. We constantly monitor quality from the selection of veneer logs through to grading, matching, storage and delivery to the end-user customer.
  • Training: We believe in training for the future to enhance our skills and knowledge of veneers to meet the increasingly diverse needs of our customers.